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Alan Rickman Daily

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Welcome to Alan Rickman Daily. A place to share news, pictures, stories, and anything really related to the actor. I don't want to impose a lot of rules, because rules are no fun. So I'll only list a few. I ask that no one come here with filthy gossip. Don't speak badly about Alan or his personal life. That's not our business as fans. (Do it, and I will ban you. Plain, simple, and without warning.) However, anything acting or publicity related is fair game. (As well as bad haircuts and silly outfits.) Also, every post needs to contain a picture.

The most accurate site for information relating to Alan and his upcoming projects can be found here >>IMDB<<.

Onto the rules:
1) I would like a picture to accompany posts. There is no limit on the number of pictures you can post, however, beyond the first photo I would like the rest to be placed behind a cut. (So as not to kill our friends lists.)

2) No manipulated photos, please. These are fun and all but I think there's probably a special community for them.

3) Please ask before advertising here. I'm not opposed to it (as long is as it is Alan Rickman related.) But do ask first.

4) Any photos that are simply "not work safe" should always be placed behind a cut and contain a warning.

5) Pictures may be posted multiple times. That's fine. Multiple posts may be made each day by the same person. Just use common sense. If it's obvious that you're spamming, you'll be notified.

6) We don't require you list a source, but if you know the source, please do list it. Some of us save at random. This is the internet. While I believe in the law of copyright, let me repeat, this IS the internet. I don't expect complete documentation.

7) We don't encourage the circulation of paparazzi type photos, so please don't post those here. It's hard sometimes to deem a photo that was allowed to be taken and one that wasn't. (Especially with all of the fan-taken photos.) But out of respect, just don't post anything you think could be of a personal or private nature. (Just to clarify, this includes shopping, eating, and much much more. Use common sense, please. Or if you were born without any, borrow some from a friend.) - DO NOT TRY TO DEBATE THIS ISSUE! You're entitled to your opinion on the subject but arguing is pointless and will only result in you being banned.

And last but certainly not least, have fun. This is a meeting place for those of us who share a common interest. All opinions and view points are welcome here.




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