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glove_love in ar_daily


OK I am REALLY excited about this...but with my luck probly everyone knows already. HOWEVER! In case not, I found this site (www.alanrickman.nz) by linking off a google book search on AR (hurrah for University boredom) and it has a SURPLUS of pics that I have NEVER seen before. OMGSQUEE!!!!!!!!! Like this:

title or description
I almost passed out when I saw that one. :D (Elliot is my fave AR character)

So now...

The first four are apparently from The Tempest (waaaaay back!)
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title or description
Oh so cute. :)

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title or description
What is with his HAIR here? SOOOOO long!!!

title or description
Eyes. Eyes, eyes, eyes.

title or description
Perm. Perm of death. :S

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title or description

Enjoy muchly (I hope)!!!


My long obsessive rant about my love for that man.

The last picture I'd have to say is my fav.

And I'd thought I'd seen all pictures! But you had a few here I hadn't ever seen. That man will be the death of me (from over accumulated love and forgetting to breathe when seeing/hearing him)

The perm! Yuck! One of the few pictures I've seen of him where he just looks terrible!

I love his outfits, he looks so misplaced and... excentric almost. Possibly what some people might call a fashion victim, but that's who he is and it makes him so so wonderful.

I freaking love his photoshoot poses! My goodness. The hiding the face, the biting the lip (and fingers), the looking up at the camera, they're all so mesmerizing.
Nice pictures - though I have to agree with the previous poster that Alan doesn't look good with that perm!

I do love the one with Alan peeking from behind the drape/curtain - he looks very cheeky and adorable... :-)
I, too, thought I'd seen them all! But around half of these are new to me, so thanks!! Well spotted!
Thank you for those they are all nice. The perm one was taken during the run of LLD he had his hair done like that so he wouldn't have to wear a wig apparently.
What's this about a log?? O.o

Great pictures!! Don't you just love google?
I love Eddie!
I love your icon
I know.. Eddie Izzard is one of the funniest men on the planet. Despite the fact that he's a man, however, he still applies makeup better than I do. For that matter, he also wears heels better than me, too. :P
Thanks for the link!
I hadn't seen those shots from Tempest - baby Alan is so CUTE!!! ^_^ and I always get a giggle out of that Perm of Death photo. ;) Thanks for the pic spam squee fest!
OMG - Can that man wear jeans or what! Nice, tight jeans with a black jacket nicely accentuating his, uhm, assets. Now if only we got to see is rear in those jeans too!

This was the first time I saw the sheet one in its entirety. Usually it is cropped. He looks adorable sitting on the floor.

There are many of these that I had not seen befoe....thank you so much!
I tried the site you mentioned, www.alanrickman.nz, but that doesn't seem to exist. I'd like to check it out. Can you post the correct URL? Thanks!
ah yes, I did. Sorry about that! *blushes*
So beautiful.

Oh, so beautiful.

No one has the right to be that beautiful. No one !


The log

In The Tempest, AR's character Ferdinand is put to work stacking wood. I would imagine that's what the log is about.
I'm glad it has been a successful squeefest.

glove_love OUT.

hahahahah kidding. :D I was so excited last night when I found these! I kept going ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!!! I personally love the jeans one...and I have TWO questions:

1) WHY do we never get any butt shots??
2) WHY has AR never gone shirtless in his Die Hard/Close My Eyes/Robin Hood days???????

Or maybe he has and I missed it. =/
Kolina, this photos are marvellous! I especially love that in jeans and also the one where his hair is... curly?!?!
Oh WOW. My enthusiasm towards reading the Tempest for English class has suddenly jumpstarted.
Woah! My happiness towards .nz websites has just exploded. Shouldn't it be .co.nz though?
It's actually just .cz Weird, I know, but there are tons of goodies on that site. People have actually made Snape snow sculptures!!! So hardcore. lol.
Oho. That explains a lot. Snow Sculptures! OMGWTF! I have to go on there!
GAH! Wow! I hadn't seen many of these, including those ones from The Tempest. My, he's pretty. Thanks for posting.
Is there any way I can view this site in ENGLISH?! ^^
I was wondering the same thing. :(
Image hosting by Photobucket There are actually 3 piccies I never saw in this group, glove_love!

Thanks! Image hosting by Photobucket

I am grinning all over my face.

I should really stop drooling over the keyboard.

Just a minute or two longer...
Beautiful ones! Thank you!
*Listing them and loving it*
They make me feel like a newbie (some are really new to me), but it's what I am, after all, eheheheh...